Panorama Portugal

Panorama pictures taken with the handy camera of the Nokia N95 by Zopfi and then edited on a PC by Jürg Schmid.

Eat and cry baby

Video Work (3:30).

Part two of video serie in collaboration with Ingrid Käser and Dock 18 (Room for Media Culture).

Ice-cream-dove eats jimi-hendrix-ear-worms and transforms itself into an ice-cream-alien.

Fotos and video by Käser/Zopfi. Soundtrack by Zopfi (based on Hendrix Samples).

Panoramas of Kazhakstan

Serie of 107 panorama pictures of Kazhakstan, shot with Orange SPV mobile phone (Windows ME)

Mandala generator

Endless serie of mandala pictures. Perl schript generate povray scene based on 5 parameters.

CGI and laser on human

Generated computer graphics and laser projected on humans. Graphics/installation/ by Zopfi.